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Charge your electric car with this easy to use app. It helps you find the right charging station near you and gives you an option to start charging with connected chargers.

Find the right location

Locating the right charging station is always a challenge. But locating it is usually only the beginning and immediately more questions pop up. Is it available? How fast is the charger? Which sockets are provided? How does one activate the charger and start charging?

ChargeJuice offers more than just geolocation data. It provides availability info for connected charging stations so it is known in advance if they are ready to use and that they are not already occupied. It provides additional info on how to access it and adds working hours if charging stations are located in commercial zones. In addition to already mentioned features, app also offers navigation to the desired charging station.

With ChargeJuice app driving and charging electric cars is fun and worry-free.

You can also find location with our web app.

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Today there are many standards available in EV industry. That means there are also many different charging stations out there. Not every charging station can refill every car and it helps, if this info is available in advance.

Using advanced filters in ChargeJuice it is easy to locate suitable charging station. No more trying to connect wrong cables and plugs when it’s too late.

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Be part of growing community

Unfortunately, not every charging station is made the same. In theory getting info about power and sockets should be good enough to start charging but technical data is sometimes not enough. That is why ChargeJuice empowers its users to share their experience with charging on various charging stations. Why settle for 3 *** charging station if the other charging station nearby, operated by another company, is receiving better reviews. Sometimes you really need that 22 KW and you can’t settle for less.

This will enable you to better organize, optimize your trips and save precious time.

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